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Top 4 Engilsh Christmas Songs!

Hello everyone!
I know, I know, the Christmas is over but I haven't posted about my favourite Christmas Songs in English so I will extend Christmas time and publish the short list of four the best!

#4 John Lennon - Happy Xmass (War is over)
I think I don't have to introduce the most recognisible beatles John Lennon who the author and compositor of this sweet song about wonderful time remembering that it's the time of love and peace when all the wars should end.

#3 Chris Rea - Driving Home for Christmas
The song was written by Rea many years ago before it's released. The inspiration camed when he and his wife stuck in traffic on the way to home. As he said  "Driving Home for Christmas" is a "car version of a carol. Rea performed the song only once live.

#2 Queen - Thank God It's Christmas
One of the best music bands in the world also has written Christmas songs. The most popular is Thank God It's Christmas. It was written by the guitarist Brian May …

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