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Top 4 Netflix Series!

Hello everybody!
Everyone loves Netflix. Everone watches its series. And I'm not astonished as Netflix series are great. They have everything. House of Cards, The End of F***ing World, Orange is the New Black... They became famous in the moment because they are produced more then well. Netflix series changed the way of perception of the TV series which very often are considered as boring and much worse than movies played in cinemas. Today, I'd like to present some of my favourite Netflix series.

#4 The Ozark
Wonderful city at Ozark lake becomes a seat for a financial advisor Martin Byrde and his family who starts launder money for a mafia boss after unpleasant situation when his friends dies. The life of Marty seems to a be little bit "uncool" but he stays calm. He doesn't panic, he works, he cares about his children and he tries not to get killed. I recommend it to Braking Bad fans.

#3 The OA
There is a blind lady named Prarie that gets lost one. She just disappea…

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