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Top 4 Vegan Spots in Poznan!

Hello everyone!
The title itself may decieve you, no, I'm not vegan but from time to time I like to eat some healthy meat which is based on vegetables and natural products. But Being vegan is not only not eating meat but not using products tested on animals etc. Today I'd like to present 4 places no Poznan where Vegans may feel safe. An if you would like to try it, discover new tastes and ideas in your diet, help the environment, you can also visit these spots.

#4 EkoKram
EkoKram is a shop on Mylna Street where you can find a lot of vegan product like hummus in different flavours, chocolate for Vegans, fruit bars, tempeh and vegan cakes! Made from tofu or nuts, healthy and delicious.

Mylna 23/11

#3 Pierwsze lody
I needed it so badly! Healthy, vegan ice-creams not only for Vegans but also for ones who can't drink milk. It's lactose free and delicios. In different flavours, tahini, coconut or even cream! The sco…

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